Robot Themed Birthday Party

This Robot Birthday was originally hosted by WeeLife.


When WeeLife submitted this party it was mentioned that it was inpired by their son’s love for the movie Wall-E. I love that they took the robot theme and ran with it….and put their OWN SPIN on it rather than just using all the commercial Wall-E stuff that I’m sure was available. This party is such a great example of how to take a theme and really make it unique! The invites are totally cool and you can really see all the hard work that went into the party when you see the “robot juice cups”.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the WeeLife Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy WeeLife’s party…..


Well, we have Spud’s 5th birthday party theme established. Finally. And now it’s planning time! My favourite! First the invite…

Here are the little robot cups for the robot juice. With each one being unique, perhaps guests will lose their cups less often. The materials we used are just the scraps of this and that, that we are using for party craft, Robot Control Panels.

All packed up and ready for transport.

It was a super fun day for us and we are grateful to have so many great friends and neighbours to help us celebrate.

Highlights for me …

The weather! That’s some blue sky that we haven’t seen in these parts since the 90s. Well, it feels that way.

And we totally lucked out and booked this space … for free!

Oh, and that we got to spring M-O from storage for a bit. I kind of missed him.

Battling, voice-activated robots …

Hubs’ cake skills

And the wee bots crafting, the robot snacks, and cyber juice.

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