Mad Scientist Birthday Party

This Mad Scientist Birthday Party was originally hosted by Rhonda from Life As I See It.
I’m totally in LOVE with the food building experiment she had the boys do. I mean how much fun to see what they could build with marshmallows, toothpicks, and cheese puffs!! So cool! I’m totally stealing that one for a future party!

Enjoy this Mad Scientist party……

Some pictures from the party.
Alden invited 5 other boys. (Which funny enough felt like 2x the amount whereas the girls party two weeks ago was more girls and easier to manage! Lucy came upstairs and said to me “Mom, girls just talk a lot but boys are loud and make trouble!”)
I had wanted to get the kids some lab coats. I was going to borrow some from my mom (She has enough for her entire grade 1/2/3 split class) but she couldn’t find them and it was too late to head out to the thrift store to buy men’s shirts – but that would totally work!)
So instead we just had funny mustaches. :) Kinda random. But totally funny!
We did some science experiments and a little building. Each boy got the same amount of toothpicks, marshmallows and cheesies. The boys really got into it!!
Then we made homemade silly putty or goo or whatever you wanna call it. Most of the boys loved it. One of them (Carter) said he was gonna throw up cause it was so gross. :) (Notice him escaping from the table quickly behind Ben)
Then we went outside to do some baking soda and vinegar exploding. Which they loved! :)

The cake. I let Alden pick whatever cake he wanted (from my Martha Book!) and he picked a cake called Martha’s Birthday Cake. And only Alden liked it. The other kids told me it wasn’t so good. hahahaha. I didn’t really care. As long as Alden was happy, I was happy! :)

It was a good birthday party I think! Alden loved it!
Rhonda also threw a party for her daughter that was fit for a princess…..


Visit her blog to see more pictures of this Princess Party!

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