Jungle Safari Birthday Party

This Jungle Safari Birthday Party was originally hosted by Gretchen.
Gretchen really went all out with the FUN FACTOR at this party! Her activities and crafts are really inspiring! Looks like the kids had lots of fun and got into it! The Jungle Safari theme she chose is super cute and was just so fun and vibrant. To top it off there was a magic show which is perfect because I’m guessing all the kids felt like it was a magical day!

Have a look and leave a comment and then hop on over to her Picasa Web Album to see more!

Enjoy Gretchen’s party…..

Follow this link to view Gretchen’s Picasa Web Album with ALL the photos from the party!

Details: I made tons of the accents to the party like the:
-party hats
-name tags
-party favor tags

There were 3 stations set up:

-”feeding the animals” (a bean bag toss game)
-catching duckies
(kiddie pool with duckies)

-2 of my dear friends painted animals on the kiddies cheeks

- a craft leader helped kids stamp, draw, color, trace, sticker all over their goodies boxes. they were later filled animal themed treats and toys.

We also had a magician perform and my daughterw as the star of the show. At the end, he did balloon animals for each of the kids.

It was a ROARING FUN time! My duaghter wants to do it again! You know what? So, do I! :)

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