Ice Cream Parties

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for an Ice Cream Party!

This first Ice Cream Party was originally hosted by Ramblings from the Sunshine State.

I LOVE the ice cream cone t-shirt!  It is fantabulously cute!

Enjoy this yummy ice cream party….

After a week of completely stressing out about this party (that’s what I get for waiting till the last minute, right?), the big party day finally arrived! Here again are the invitations, courtesy of Dimpleprints.

I knew I wanted to make an ice cream shop sign. Pleas excuse my lettering, I’m no painter! I’m sure the fact that it was probably about 3:00 am when I did this, didn’t help.

When I made Morgan’s cake topper, she told me she wanted one, too. I did this dress different and I think she turned out cute. Thankfully, when I made Morgan’s, I had painted more than one doll. Otherwise, she might not have turned out so well! The ice cream cone is a $1.00 eraser from Joanns.

I didnt want to spend a ton of money on party favors (I never do!) and I hate buying junky cheap stuff that will just get thrown away. So I decided on making ice cream cone crayons. It was my first time doing them this way, and they turned out great!

I also whipped up a bright, colorful bunting. I love the colors on this. These were the pre-packaged fat quarters from Joanns when they were on sale for $.99 each. I used these fabrics again both in the cake topper dress and a t-shirt I made for her to wear.

Since it’s pretty warm out and I didnt want the ice cream to turn into a soupy mess, I made up this little menu sign so the kids could choose their flavors. I’m sure I could have made this a lot cuter, but this wasnt done until the day of the party!

Finally, the main event! The sundae bar! TONS of toppings here… bananas, cake & sugar cones, sprinkles of all kinds, crushed Oreos, peanuts, strawberry sauce, marshmallows, chocolate, caramel & strawberry syrup, gummi bears, M&Ms and cherries. Even some of that stuff that hardens into a shell when you put it on the ice cream.

Check out this hungry herd!

Before I forget (I almost did!), here is the t-shirt I made her. I found this t-shirt on clearance in the toddler section of Walmart (it’s a 5T!) for $2.50. Six scoops for 6 years!

And for some of the other details. I whipped up some more candy covered marshmallows.

And pretzels.

Cupcakes, too!

And you can’t forget the cake! The cones are really just decorative. They are cut in half and I put a few marshmallows in just to use less frosting (I was getting low!).

Check out the inside!

Make a wish, big girl!

Finally, a little after party fun in the bounce house.

I think it turned out pretty good, and I’m glad it’s over! No more parties until September! At least Blake already knows what he wants. I can keep an eye out for stuff during the coming months. His party will be football themed. I just don’t know if he wants a generic football theme, or to use Cowboy colors, since that’s the team he plays for.

Anyway, hopefully now I can get some household projects done. Have a good one!

More Ice Cream Party Ideas:

Frost Me Blog has put together some fun ideas from around the web for the perfect Ice Cream Party.  Check out what she shared on her blog..

I love the idea of an ice cream bar at any party – great for work parties, too! Or you could do a whole party theme around ice cream! Here are a few dabs of frosting for your next party!

How insanely fun does this ice cream themed tablescape look?!? One of the best ideas is the way they made the tablecloth look like ice cream drips! You could even do this with a cheap vinyl table cloth! And why not glue on some “jimmies” too! Source

You could do this popsicle display on a smaller scale at your next party – use tiered spice racks with ice underneath and create the same look! …. one of each please! Source found via imprintables blog

Every ice cream bar deserves a great assortment of toppings! These divided DIY paper containers will save you from finding a million dishes to serve it all up in! Source and tutorial

You could add these ice cream trucks as decorations or put an invite inside, or use as favor boxes… or all three! lol  DIY printables… Source

Use sprinkles in non-conventional ways to decorate! Use glue on card stock, kraft paper or empty toilet rolls, roll in sprinkles and let dry.  Add a ribbon and va-la! Use them around containers as a fun touch too! You could use sprinkles at the bottom of a vase or box (like you would rice or beans) to help cones stand up straight.  Source and tutorial found via gordongossip blog

You KNOW I love a fun cupcake! These would be a little sweat equity, but how dang cute!?!  Source

…. I am off to find the mint chocolate chip ice cream!!!

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