Go Diego Birthday Adventure

This Go Diego Birthday Adventure was originally hosted by Shelly over at My Own Little (sometimes creative) World.
There’s no doubt about it…the kids at this party definitely got to go on an adventure with Diego! I love how she brought the outdoors is…just look at the jungle garland on the stair bannister. Super cute! From the moment the guests arrived they were greeted with little surprises…like following the tracks to the back yard. Her craft/activity ideas are fantabulous and her attention to detail is spot on! So be sure to look over all the details of this party!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Shelly’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Shelly’s party…..


We had the big Go Diego Go party for my youngest son’s fourth birthday on Saturday. The only thing that didn’t cooperate was the wind! We had to majorly tape some decorations down, modify others and watch some blow away! But at least it wasn’t raining, and it turned out wonderful anyway! Here are some pics . . .

We set up a “Follow the Tracks” activity for the kids to find the party in our backyard. There were four guessing stations where the kids saw tracks on brown paper like this . . .
The tracks led to a sign taped to the house. . .
. . . which they could open to find the answer.
Once the kids “found the party,” they came to a little table where they could make a video watch. They chose which animal they wanted, glued it on, then I put it on their wrist. They also got a Field Journal (laptop), that had the animals they had to find in a scavenger hunt. They put a sticker beside each animal as they found it. Once they found all 4 animals, they showed it to me and received a reward (beach ball globe that shows animals in their native countries–it’s in a picture later).

Here are some pictures of decorations–outside and inside.

See the wind blowing the table trees?
The wind eventually blew the balloon tree tops away!

My handmade vines. I didn’t put many outside because of the wind. So, the steps ended up with most of them!

The food was a big hit at the party. We had a kids’ table with PB&J and chips, and for the adults, we had a Mexican spread. A taco & nacho bar, cilantro-lime rice, pasta con queso and my in-laws’ famous homemade salsa! We also had fruit kabobs, jungle leaf sugar cookies and chocolate covered pretzels.

And don’t forget the cake, made by a fabulous local bakery!

Our pinata was a palm tree that I found for $8 at Walmart the week before the party. I converted it into a pull-string pinata.

Bags to put goodies from the pinata in.

We had a rainstick making station on top of our deckbox (which kept the kids away from all the lawn toys inside!) We used paper towel rolls, which I covered with scrapbook paper. I had one end sealed already. The kids added aluminum foil coils, then poured beads in (which I had premeasured in cups labeled with each child’s name.) Then they taped on the other end and added a pre-printed name label.

And last, but not least, the treat bags!

Everyone had a great time, especially the birthday boy and his big brother! I am glad, relieved and sad that it is over! A little like the day after Christmas!

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