GI Joe Birthday Party

This GI Joe party was originally hosted by Jodee over at The Pinkston Family
Another great army party to show you all! Jodee did such a great job on the invitations! I really like how she included a picture of the birthday boy dressed up in fatigues. The photo op wall with the full size cut outs of GI Joe and GI Jane….FABULOUS! Be sure to watch the video because there are tons of details to see that you won’t want to miss. And she also really put together a fun filled party with lots of activities for the kids. So make sure to read all about it!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Jodee’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Jodee’s party…..

We had a GI Joe party for our big 6 yr old Jake on Saturday. I came up with the GI Joe/Army party idea and for the invitations I had done also.

We had the Army Enlistment Desk here: Where the Private Cadets enlisted in the Army they got a name badge, real dog tags (got from Army Surplus store online) Helmet that said: GI JOE ARMY on them (got from Dollar Tree) was issued a gun, and had choice of tattoo. Then their picture was taken in front of the flag and life size Army guys. (on loan from the US Army Recruiting office) Then it was off to play with Pvt. Jake while we enlisted the next GI Joe!

“Missing In Action (MIA)” We hide plastic Army Men outside in the back of the yard and inform our soldiers that there are some fellows Soldiers Missing In Action. The soldiers had to go out on a Top Secret Mission to locate and bring back as many plastic Army Men as they could find. We kept score by how many they brought back.In between the missions, they got to practice the obstacle course….just to get really good at it before the race!

Next Mission was the Granade Toss (egg colored cammo). This was such a blast with the kids. They loved this! We had one private that never seemed to drop his- he had a great throw and catch!!!

Then the last mission was Mine Field, we had water balloons set up and blind folded the kids to see who could get thru without being blown up!

Last mission was the Obstacle Course:

We set up the Obstacle Course in our back yard. It was such a beautiful warm day- such a perfect day for the party! They had to run fast then crawl over a wall made from a sheet of plywood connected to one of our saw horses we had and spray painted camo. Then we had set up barrels and they had to crawl through the barrels. Then do 10 jumping jacks. Then we attached rope to wooden stakes for them to crawl under on the ground (like the barbed wire they crawl under in the army only safer!). Then they had to run through some tires laid on the ground. Next, had a 2×4 placed on top of 2 bricks for some height of balance beam (also spray painted camo)….to finish it off with our swing set and took one of the swings off. We tied a rope where the swing had been and the kids had to swing on the rope across a mud filled sandbox. During this time, being hit by egg grenades and water balloon filled grenades. The kids had a blast with seeing who could finish the fastest on a timed course!

For the food I just had chips, cake and ice cream. I had a cake made that was two layers. The Army recruiter gave me enough water bottles for the soldiers during battle too. We got some of those tin pans like rolls come in for the kids to eat off of. They were a real hit. Like the real mess kits used in Army. They also loaded me down with Frisbees, pens, pencils, stickers, clips, USA shirt pins, book covers, water bottles, backpacks for school, USA Flags; I used them for prizes and for the loot bags. Their favorite part was swinging on the rope and falling in the pool of mud below. All the parents kept telling me it was one of the best parties they had ever been to. Best of all was how much my son enjoyed it!

We even had a real GI Joe for the Drill Sergeant, Uncle Kurt! Thanks so much for your help at the party- even though Jake said,” How come Uncle Kurt didn’t give out the directions?!” Ummmm…..cause your mommy is a control freak that’s why!

After the cake and ice cream, we had the Army Tank Piñata- it sure didn’t take those boys long to tear into that! The best part about that was that all the mess was picked up REALLY fast!!!

Then the boys took off again to play the obstacle course over and over again till their parents came to pick them up! I even had one parent go thru and do the obstacle course herself!!!! I know she thought the party was a blast, being an ex- GI Jane herself!

I also wanted to Thank Aunt Samantha- Beau and I were running behind schedule and she helped me out by setting up the cake table and the Enlistment table for me! Also, by calming me down when the privates started to arrive! She is such a people person- even had time to share picture taking with my friend Rhonda, feed Sarah and keep one of the parents occupied by talking!!! Thanks Samantha for your extra help!

What made it kind of fun was that my father had some fatigues on and a shirt with his name on it and I had a friend who got me the pink army hat and army shirt with whistle for myself, My little Rex was all decked out in his special GI Joe shirt too! Daddy also had on the Army PT shirt to match Jake and Drill Sergeant Kurt. We had our clipboards which just make it seem so official. Also the kids were referred to as “Private Jake” (or whatever their first name was)

We had a great time at the party and I just wanted to Thank everyone who came and helped out along with celebrating with us!

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