Fun Polkadot Birthday Party

This Bright Fun Polkadot Birthday party was originally hosted by Angie.


I really love all the bright colors Angie used for the party.  It was so fun to read her blog and see how she was inspired by this blog.  Oh my wait until you see the cake!  FABULOUS!  The party hats and banner are super cute and you definitely need to check out her blog to see all the other fun details!

Enjoy Angie’s Polkadot Birthday Party……………


howie is now 3! i can’t believe it. it’s so great to have a big boy to enjoy life with. he makes everything more fun! i was really excited throw him a birthday party thanks to The Creative Party Place blog.

here is the invitation we gave to howie’s friends:

for a theme i just did polka dots/the matching cute paper to go with them:) okay, so not really a theme but hey, he’s 3 so he thought it was great. why do a tacky theme when they are too young to fight for it yet?
we ate fruit and mini pizza’s (as per howie’s request) i made chicken bbq for the adults and pepperoni for the kids.

here is the cake. after making taylor’s cake last week, howie had high expectations. it didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted but i guess that’s what happens when you don’t plan out what you’re doing until you are literally putting it together.

i made the hats by simply wrapping cute paper over top of store bought party hats and gluing it down.

To see more party details and what Angie did for activities and take home goodies be sure to visit the original party post on her blog.

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