Cowboys and Indians Birthday Party

This Cowboys and Indians Birthday Party was originally hosted by Mandy from It’s My Party.
YEEEHAW! Mandy did a great job of transforming her backyard into the perfect party setting for her little buckaroo’s birthday party. Super fun with the hay bails, wanted signs and all the cow print touches. Thanks for listing your party Mandy!

Enjoy this Cowboy Birthday…..

This was my little boys 3rd Birthday Party on a gorgeous sunny August afternoon. It took a couple of months of thinking about everything i wanted and the little touches and i was really looking forward to doing his cake as its something i am getting passionate about also! Please take a look at my other blog at

Please excuse the quality of the photos, i am not a photographer, just a mum with an ordinary camera!

We decided on a red and gold colour theme throughout, with the plates and tablecloths, and the cupcakes too. There was music played throughout from old country and western films. We had a barbecue with burgers and pasta and got through lots of juice as it was a sweltering day! We put one of my sons brio train sets on the table as a centerpiece with a battrey powered train going round and round, which i forgot to get a photo of.

This was the first thing everyone saw, i thought it was abit of fun and Ben enjoyed tying his horse to the post, i think it a lovely way to greet everyone.

This bunting is lovely, it has little vinage fabric triangles with cowboys on, it was just perfect for the theme, i got it from a lovely little handmade shop on ebay.

My sister spent a good afternoon making these lovely wanted posters for me, by soaking in lemon juice and carefully baking for a little bit, i did one for every child that came and put them on a wanted wall and then most of them took theirs home!

We had sacks for sack races around the hay bales which was great fun and we did pin the tail on the horse. The haybales were delivered to my by a local farmer, i was so pleased with them, they weren’t too expensive either and then afterwards, a local horse center came and picked them up!

The favours were fun to put together, they all had a sheriffs badge, a rubber snake, some gold coins, a toy harmonica, some jelly sweetie snakes, and some little figures. I then wrapped them in paisley fabric and some straw.

This is me and my family.

I made three different types of cupcakes going around a ‘gold theme’ and these were a real hit and it was nice to decorate with lots of gold.

This is the cake i made for my son, it is 3 tiers of vanilla sponge and it was a joy to make, it was the first time i had done a cake with so much detail. Take a look at for some of my other creations!

It was a lovely day and Ben loved it, couldn’t have asked for better weather for our first garden party! Now looking forward to doing my little girls 1st birthday party!

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