Cowboy Themed Birthday Party

This Cowboy Themed Boy’s Birthday party was originally hosted by the Minimalist Mommy.

What would a cowboy themed party be without a horseback ride at the “O.K. Corral”? The Minimalist Mommy most likely made some dreams come true for all the little boys who got to take a ride! I love how she added the O.K. Corral sign just above the party table, and her “wanted” invitation compliments the them perfectly! Her goodie bags couldn’t be cuter! Proof that you can turn a simple brown paper bag into something FANTASTIC!
And the campfire cake…ingenious! I love that one!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the Minimalist Mommy to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Minimalist Mommy’s party…..


We recently celebrated my sons’s third birthday party. Since we live on a horse farm and Landon’s pony is appropriately named Cowboy…we went with the obvious theme

dining rom

Luckily we were not short on decorating ideas and a couple of stinky saddles later we had not only had the authentic look but the authentic smell as well. We hung up some saloon style signs I picked up for $3, real checked tablecloths from my picnic stash, painted horseshoes, metal buckets for chips and an oversized stuffed snake that draped from the light fixture. I also created these cute wanted posters using school pictures I had of the children planning to attend. I personalized each one with an authentic western nickname and a crime suited to the child personality. They loved this touch and were able to bring them home with them.

For food I started several days prior making a dozen pre-baked pizza crusts as well as a large batch of crock pot pizza sauce. I purchased some plain ruffle chips to accompany the pizza and garlic fingers with homemade donair sauce anwantedd washed it down with root beer, of course.

The children entertained themselves by colouring printed cowboy pages I found online while anxiously awaiting the cake. The birthday cake was decorated by my father the mechanic/cake decorator who used this idea and transformed my homemade boring chocolate cake into a replica of an authentic campfire. I was a little nervous of the outcome because it could have turned out one of two ways: 1. there were no disputing the logs burning amongst embers of charred coals made out of powdered doughnut holes while flames shot up madcowboye by cut out orange fruit roll ups. OR 2. it could have looked like mounds of brown stuff you normally step around while on a farm….. Luckily it looked like the former and it was a hit both in looks and taste.

treat bags

After a fun filled afternoon the kids left toting their goodie filled loot bags. Simple brown paper bags were embellished with Cowboy scrapbook paper adorned with thank you tags held on by strands of brown bailer twine. Inside I filled these with Popeye sticks, chocolate cow tales, old fashioned taffy, gummy snakes and twix bars.

All in all the kids and parents had a blast, but what Cowboy theme party would be complete without a real pony ride?. As my son cried his eyes out, the other guests took much anticipated turns around the arena on the world’s best pony. (I am not sure how much Cowboy enjoyed this) but the kids did and that is all that counts.cake2

Total cost of party was $50 including all ingredients for pizza, garlic fingers, chips, pop, cake, decorations and loot bags.

Now I have to start coming up with something for next year.

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