Car Themed Birthday

This Car Themed Birthday party was originally hosted by Kara over at Kara’s Party Ideas.
Ok people…this is one stinkin’ cute car party! Just look at those little outfits! Too cute! I love the traffic light invitations but I think my favorite thing is how Kara turned the table into a roadway! So simple…and so GENIUS! All of the traffic signs she put around the yard are yet another demonstration of her genius. Tons of car details to check out…so make sure to drive slowly through this post!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Kara’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Kara’s party…..

start your engines! this was my son’s 2nd birthday. we all had a blast.
here’s a pic of the invite. i made them out of colored card stock. they were stop lights if you can’t tell. each color opened to a road sign with the party details. the red light opened to an interstate sign (clip art that i found online)..i wrote, “kaden’s turning 2 years old, and is happy as can be because he’s having a …vroom…CAR PARTY and he wants you there you see!”.
the yellow light opened to a stop sign and said, “take a detour on saturday, june 28th and stop @ details details. yield for family & friends!”.
the green light opened to a yellow railroad crossing sign and said, “rsvp to..details details. get ready to have a racin‘ fun time!”…my son actually has a car bedroom…so i took a bunch of stuff from his room to decorate for the party. like this stoplight that we hung in front of the house to show where the party was at :)…
this is the birthday boy in his racing suit (his little bro had one too) on his new little atvwe had hot dogs, chips, and salad etc. i found these fold out cardboard cars and cut a hole in the top of them to put the ketchup & relish etc in. they turned out really cute…i decorated all the tables to look like roads (black table cloth with pieces of white paper taped on). i also got about 100 ft of racing flags that i strung up all over the back yard…here’s the b-day boy and his cousin eating their road sign suckers…
my friend julie borrowed all my car stuff a few months later to have a car party for her little boy too. she came up with the great idea to use a streamer up the table (again, to make it look like a road). she also used cars and my son’s street light lamp to add that special touch… i placed road sign’s all over the back yard & bought blow up car’s that i hung from all the tree’s…i had a car race for one of the activities. i got boxes and spray painted them blue and silver. i then downloaded racing car logo’s off the inet and stuck ‘em all over the boxes along with paper numbers and paper circles. i cut out the bottom of the boxes and small handles near the top so the kids could actually get inside of the cars :)…i set up plastic cones that they had to run through..i decided to make cupcakes instead of a cake. i made the frosting really runny so it would look like tar, used orange licorice as stripes, and got marshmallow cars and road sign suckers for the toppers…
i got a rubber car track and made ‘gum cars’ out of gum, minni candybars, and mini reeses peanut butter cups…sparklers added a fun zing to the party… he opened presents on a car sign blanket that is now on his bed :)…we had fun with little racing cars that were powered by balloons. us mom’s blew them up again & again for the little ones :). everyone loved them…this is my friend julie’s cake. i loved her idea of using black licorice to make the cake look like tires! she set the cake on top of my son’s tire toy bin. so cute julie!!…i hung up car patio lights around the back door… here’s another pic of some of the signs in the back yard…i threw road sign pillows out for the kids to play with too. it was a gReAt party. we all had a blast…especially the birthday boy!~and here’s the thank you card’s we sent out after the party…
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