Bowling Cupcakes

This party idea was originally hosted by me (Shannon) over at EightCrazy.

My friend had a bowling themed birthday party for her son and I offered to do the cupcakes.

So what to do with cupcakes for a bowling theme? Head to the local flooring store of course! No, I’m serious. I went to the local flooring store, told them what I was doing and they gave me a pergo floor sample. Why? Because I needed a “bowling alley” to stage my cupcakes on. Next it was a phone call to my brother and sister in law with the sign company for a little help with sprucing up and personalizing the “bowling alley” I combined a few different pieces of clipart to create a personalized bowling graphic for Luke, they printed it up for me, and we adhered it to the “bowling alley”…..I’ll show you the results in just a minute!

So getting back to the actual cupcakes. I tried making “finger holes” but it looked really stupid. So I moved onto sugar cookie cutouts. But I didn’t have a cookie cutter for that so I had to create one. Here is how I did it. First I found a clipart of a bowling pin. I sized it, printed it out, cut it out and traced it onto a plastic lid from a cottage cheese container. (any plastic lid will do). Then I cut the shape out of the lid and used it as a template for my cookies. ( I got the lid template idea from martha stewart living magazine)

It’s a bit more time consuming than a cookie cutter, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got sometimes. It worked pretty well actually. So I baked, and I frosted and then baked and frosted some more. And here is the final result…..

And the personalized “bowling alley” I mentioned earlier….

Now, I know not everybody has the luxury of having relatives with a sign company. But I could’ve printed it out on a sheet of sticker paper as will and just adhered it to the wood. With the vinyl it would just last longer!

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