Airplane Birthday Takes Flight

This Airplane Birthday party was originally hosted by Michelle over at Everyday Celebrating.


This Airplane Birthday Party definitely soared to new heights. So many fun airplane details and Mindy was great about sharing all the Etsy stores that helped her make this party so GREAT! The invitations are simply fabulous! The “runway” for the tablecloth…GENIUS! I’m telling you…there are so many details…make sure you look through and read through everything so you don’t miss a thing!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Everyday Celebrating to see what else she’s got going on!
Enjoy Michelle’s Party…..


This past weekend was the big birthday party! My son is now TWO! TWO!
I can’t believe it! He’s hugely into planes and trains and a little thing called “rocket”
off of the cartoon Little Einsteins. :)

I’ve got quite a few photos so I may break this up into two posts. Plus, I don’t want to leave anything out for those that are looking for inspiration. Also, feel free to post questions in the comments section.

First, invitations. I had a post totally devoted to them with a few pictures.
But here’s a shot of them just to tie everything together.
You’ll notice the event had it’s own logo. “Special K Air”. You’ll see this spread out through various details of the event. I used clip art found online and made the logo myself. I’m happy to share it in psd format. Also, this invitation was designed in Publisher and I’m happy to share that as well.
One word of warning about these invitations. Some of my guests, while they thought they were cute and unusual, didn’t realize they were party invitations at first. *shrug*

The food table was to be an airport runway. I built one airplane out of a diaper box.

I used green broadcloth fabric as the “grass” and used airplane runways that are typically used by hobbyists (bought off ebay). Holes were poked through the green fabric to lay down white Christmas lights to create a lighted runway.


I made cupcakes for the guests and one of the large cupcakes using the famous large Wilton Cupcake Pan. Both the base and the swirls on top were made using the pastry bag and 1M tip.


Silverware was wrapped in napkins with paper napkin rings carrying the airplane logo theme.


Pretzels were hand dipped in dark and white chocolate with nonpareils. Individually wrapped in pretzel bags you can find at Michaels and included the logo on the outside.


I found this 40 INCH balloon on ebay! It was gorgeous and HUGE and my son loved it!


I had a separate table set up for children’s activities. One of the activities included decorating their own foam glider. Foam gliders found at Oriental Trading.


Also, there was a photo op board. I got this idea from the blog
Muchkins and Mayhem. The kids loved it! And it was super easy to create.


One of the favors the children took home were these super cute wooden pieces with markers.
You find them at Michaels and they are $1.99 each. They come with a stand too. I made the labels that went on the top. In the next post, I’ll talk about other items I gave out as well.


Finally, I made a large airplane for my son to sit in to eat his cake. This fit right over the booster seat and chair. Made from one XL UHaul box.


My sweet “Special K” eating his cupcake!


Up next, I want to spotlight a few ETSY sellers who provided amazing products for the party!
Such great talent and their products really added special creative touches!

A few Etsy sellers provided some amazing product for my party and they really added some beautiful and fun touches! I wanted to make sure I noted them here so everyone could check out their stores and make note of them when you are hosting your next get together.

REMEMBER: Click on any picture to see more detail.

1. Handmade airplane suckers from Custom Candy Creations
Summer from Custom Candy Creations sent me the most adorable airplane shaped suckers! She made them in red to match the color scheme and they were too cute! Cherry flavored, of course! I have to say that they were HUGE and made a great impact! And she packed them so well, there wasn’t a wing or a tip broken! Go visit her store. She sells other candy as well, but you have to see the suckers. She does Blues Clues, Tool sets, stockings, etc.

Here they are on top of the other favors. I tied star garland to the sticks to add a contrasting color.

2. Cupcake wrappers from Yummy Cuppy Crafts
Kim at Yummy Cuppy Crafts designed the great cupcake “cuppies” or holders that adorned some of my cupcakes at the party. She was so great to work with and even offered to include the logo in the cuppy. These come flat and and you wrap them around and close them with a sticker she provides.
You have to go see her store and see all the cute themes and animals she can do (the giraffe is particularly adorable!)

Here’s a side shot so you can see the back as well:

3. Mini Banner from Mary Had a Little Party
Kristen at Mary Had a Little Party made this super cute mini banner for the children’s table.
These are a smaller take on the huge banners you see a lot now. She makes those too, but when you need something smaller, these are just the trick! The letters are about 2 inches wide and she’ll even customize the font to match other details of your party, like the airplane logo.


4. Cupcake toppers from Simple Sensations
Stephanie at Simple Sensations took the time to custom design these airplane toppers especially for this party. You can now find them at her store and I can’t brag enough about the detail these had.
It took quite a bit of time and steady hands to put these together. And the children loved them! Not to mention how she made sure to match them to the color scheme. Visit her store to see gift cards and tags and the cutests gingerman cupcake toppers for the holiday season!


5. Airplane gift tags by Lori Long Designs
Lori had these great gift tags that I used for the children’s favors. They were the perfect size. Not HUGE and not too small. I love to use a custom gift tag whenever possible, especially at events like these where you want each person to know they favor/gift was especially for them. Children especially love to have their name on things, ya know? Her shop if filled with cards and adorable holiday tags all at amazing prices!

The tags are attached to these coloring books.


6. Photography Art by Sue Bees.
Sue takes these amazing photographs! She had provided me with two fabulous photos that I had intended to use as large backdrops for the runway table. In the end, I my vision was larger than my working space so I didn’t get to use them, but they are fabulous and I wanted to make sure she was mentioned here. Her etsy store is filled with all types of photography. Think outside the box of what other ways you can use photography besides hanging it on the wall.

One of the photos she provided. Isn’t it dreamy? Wouldn’t it have made a fabulous backdrop?


Keep these etsy sellers in mind when planning your next event! I’ve never worked with more generous and accommodating vendors!

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