Ideas Needed for Baby Shower….

I just got the following email from a reader and I was hoping ya’ll would pitch in your ideas and help her out!
I recently found your blog and I am just loving it! I was wondering if you had an ideas for a baby shower I am wanting to throw my little sister. She is having a baby boy in May and I was thinking about doing an April Showers brings May Flowers…and Babies type theme… maybe with raindrops, umbrellas, etc.
At the moment this is all I have… the idea. I am trying to think of some cute maybe even unique types of things to do for her shower to make it special for her. She will be a single mommy and this is kind of a special situation- I just want to make it a happy and memorable day for her to show her how much I love her and to let her know how excited we all are!

Just leave a comment with your ideas of what she could do with this theme…and if you have links to ideas that would be helpful please include them!

Oh…and I wanted to say thanks to SimplyHolidays for the very nice shout out they gave this site this week.  Thank you also to One Pretty Thing who continually features parties from the site!!

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