Firefighter Challenge

Every once in awhile I like to post a readers email and challenge ya’ll to help them come up with ideas for their next big event.  This time DeBran needs help…..she wrote this:

“I love your site and love throwing parties but I am completely stumped on a baby shower I am throwing for a good friend in September. Her hubby is a firefighter and she is doing the nursery accordingly. She loves everything about decorating w/firefighter theme, so I know she’d like a shower based around that theme. I, however, want it to be unpredictable, sophisticated rather than cutesy, and just really beautiful and amazing. haha…no big deal, right?? ;) So I am looking for some great ideas for something along those lines, maybe just some firefighter touches, but not the whole thing? Thanks so much for your time and your fabulous ideas for everything!!”

So, in the comment section please write our your ideas for her.  Put links to possible resources or post a link using inlinkz to a party that she might find helpful for her firefighter baby shower.

I’m going to kick things off by saying that I think using a vintage firefighter motif would make it more sophisticated. And since it’s for a baby shower, the idea of bringing in some vintage toys could be fun as well. Like this vintage firefighter toy truck…


So…gals what are your ideas?  I can’t wait to hear what all you fabulous ladies think of!

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