Mad Scientist Birthday Party

Following Phubie listed her Mad Science Birthday Party.  Check it out….

Caitlyn became fascinated with science when she started kindergarten, and it was her idea to have a “Mad Science” party for her sixth birthday. These custom designed invitations from Melanie Crownover at ewe hooo, provided a lot of ideas and inspiration, from the color of the decorations to the design of the cake.

mad science invitation

mad science invitation

mad science birthday banner

paper chain decorations

To help set the scene, there were mason jars filled with radioactive rods (i.e., glow sticks), real laboratory beakers containing Potion No. 6 test tube favors, and essential books in every mad scientist’s library.

mad science party radioactive rods

mad science test tube favors

Inspired by the invitation, Loan, a full-time pharamacist and part-time “Ace of Cakes”, created this phenomenal 2 tier red velvet cake. We loved all of the clever details that went into the cake, from the bubbling flask, mortar and pestle, book of potions, and spilling test tube, down to the lab rats pleading for help.

mad science cake

mad science cake

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from Happy Eatery were topped with my handmade toppers and displayed on the custom cupcake stand.

mad science cupcakes

Our gummy worm and brain cultures grew in Jello petri dishes overnight in the refrigerator.

mad science petri dish jello

Guests rotated to various experimenting stations when they arrived.

To see the experiments and MORE please visit Following Phubie’s Mad Science party Post.

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