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Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake

This Dr. Seuss Birthday party was originally hosted by Kate from And Everything Sweet.
Ok people….wait until you see this cake. It is out of this world. It’s definitely one of my all time favorites. How in the heck did she do that? It defies gravity!

Have a look and enjoy the Dr. Seuss party….

Yesterday we celebrated Olivia’s first birthday with a St Patrick’s Day/Dr Seuss Birthday party! She isn’t officially 1 until the 17th, (St Patrick’s Day), but it was a celebration non the less.

Here is the cake, aka my 3rd child!!! lol A true LABOR!!!

The birthday girl herself…

The smash cake…

She LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a ham!! (no pun intended)

We’re all St Patricks Day’d out
My girls
Some of the food…
No Dr Seuss Party would be complete without Green Eggs and Ham!!!
And a crumb too small for a mouse! (The Grinch)
And no St Patrick’s Day party would be complete w/o GREEN BEER!!!
Baby land…

Kids tables…

The centerpieces. lol

Candy buffet!!!!!

This is the best picture I could get of the babies all together. lol

Dr. Seuss Bash

Hello, Kara here from Kara’s Party Ideas. Thanks so much Shannon for inviting me to be Saturday’s guest host!

I’ve decided to highlight Dr. Seuss today. With school starting I’ve seen Dr. Seuss all over….books, games, school activities, etc, etc. I just love Dr. Seuss and all his characters.
So here’s some pictures from a Dr. Seuss baby shower I hosted a few months back. To see the full post and details {recipe’s, how to’s, etc.} go here. I hope my shower will help you throw your next Dr. Seuss bash. Oh, and you can’t forget Dr. Seuss’ Birthday in March. That’s an excuse right there to have a whooooriffic party. So start planning now!

Happy party planning folks! Thanks again, Shannon.
~Kara {}

Dr. Seuss Inspired Party

This Dr. Seuss inspired party was originally hosted by Heather over at Creative Bug.
How could I resist when I opened up Heather’s submission and saw the shout out for CP&S! I love that she searched her blog looking for just the right party to share with ya’ll! Everything from the invitations right down to the thank you cards are super cute and super creative. Oh my…those thank you cards with the cat’s bow tie….LOVIN’ those! I just love how bright and fun everything is and how it’s all so cohesive. Heather…all your hard work really paid off!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Heather’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Heather’s party…..


I have recently stumbled across this blog creativepartiesandshowers and would simply LOVE to be featured on it…so, I figure I should start with something that I worked really hard on and did what I consider a bang up job! I went digging around my blog for the photos of everything I did for the Seuss Birthday back in the winter and discovered that I didn’t share everything with you, my beloved readers. So bear with me…we’re going to step back in time a bit!

Remember these invitations?

And the great little rhyme?Now here are the decorations I shipped out…
And the menu…now these were inspired by the ones we did at Hallowe’en (this is worth checking out if you haven’t seen it…) and here is more of our costumes.I love that I am not the only one that still sends out Thank You Cards…and these sure were fun to make!So, thanks for stopping by! And well, I hope that this is a good place to start to get featured on the Creative Party Blog!


Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

This Dr. Seuss Party was originally hosted by Natalie over at Little Shindigs.
I think you will see that this party is fun. Just wait ’til you see what Natalie has done. She made the pages of the book come alive. This theme was quite fun…this theme it did thrive!
Details here.
Details there. Just look and you’ll see.
This party’s as fun as a party can be.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Natalie’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Natalie’s party…..


In honor of Dr.Seuss, I thought I would share today a few pics of a

Little Shindigs we did last year.

The kids were invited to a breakfast party with the Cat in the Hat.

The Fish was my favorite piece.

I racked my brain on how to make scenes of the book come alive.

Want to see more Seuss inspired parties?
Please visit a few of my favorites:
Sam I am first B-day( adorable b-day theme)
Thing 1& Thing 2 -Twins Baby Shower (Fabulous x 2)
Dr.Seuss Baby Shower (love the fish, awesome ideas!)

Dr Seuss Party

Dr Seuss parties are the best!  I love all the fun whimsy designs and bright fun colors. This Dr. Seuss party given my Taste of Luxury  has many wonderful ideas that are sure to inspire you.


A perfect cake ….So Cute!s1r_standard




 Taste of Luxury did a great job, all the Dr. Seuss themed food is really adorable!  A perfect party for all us Dr. Seuss Fans!

Sweet Inspiration – Fabulous and Creative Cakes

Today I thought it would be fun to just shoot some yummy cakey EYE CANDY your way. Here are some fun cakes to inspire you that I’ve come across on my blogland travels…..

Pirate Cake:

4 Goodness Cake

Tow Truck Cake: Mater from “Cars”

tow truck cake from Cars

Enchanted Cakes

Rocket Cake: Blast Off!

Pink Cake Box Cake
Pink Cake box

Princess and the Frog Cake:

princess frog
Icing and Ink

Butterfly Cake:

Create Each Day

Dr. Seuss Cake:  Cat in the Hat

The Food Lab

Ladybug Cake:

Lollipop First Birthday Party

This Lollipop First Birthday Party was originally hosted by Stephanie from Richter-ology.
There are plenty of sweet details to notice about this party. I love the way she used the paper lanterns to make the “big candy” for decor! So creative.

In her submission Stephanie mentioned that her lollipop theme was inspired by TomKat Studios. (just wanted to give her a shout out for the inspiration!)

Enjoy this lollipop party……

Our sweet little Madeleine is turning one on Tuesday and we celebrated her lollipop party today. I truly had a blast making her invitations, decor and creating a candy shop in our home! Everything turned out really “sweet”! I think that everyone had a great time.

Madeleine’s lollipop invitation and cupcake toppers that read: “m”, “madeleine’s sweet shop” and “madeleine”. Big pieces of candy made from paper lanterns, clear wrapping paper and ribbon.

Madeleine’s Sweet Shop Door Sign and handmade giant lollipops created out of paper plates, paper, wood dowels, cellophane & ribbon!

The console table in our entryway which included a Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday to You book which we had everyone sign. The homemade birthday hat and favors made from Madeleine’s baby food bottles.

Cupcake stand, marshmallow pops inspired by Bakerella, and fruit on lollipop sticks!

Our little princess all dressed up in her birthday outfit from Dandy Lion Designs .

The candy buffet which was a BIG hit!

We had a balloon entertainer for the kiddos which they really seemed to enjoy.


Don’t forget to view the previous post to link up for Mr. Linky Monday to see everybodies amazing party ideas!

Mr. Linky Monday

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!
*1st Birthday Monkey on Halloween
*Teddy Bear
*Employee Christmas Party
*Super Baby
*Polkadot Bridal Party
*Nautical Baby Shower
*Chic Pink Bridal Shower
*Where the Wild Things Are
*60th Birthday Party
*Winter ONEderland
*Owl – 1st Birthday
*1st Birthday – Snowglobes/Elves
*Ballerina 4th Birthday
*Butterfly Birthday
*Vintage Tain
*Survivor Party
*Bee Party
*Tropical/Under the Sea
*Horton – Dr. Seuss
*Table Top Settings – Thanksgiving – Christmas – Easter
*Bridal Showers
*Baby Showers



Mr. Linky Monday – You can Inspire Someone Today

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!
* Carnival Baby shower
* Minnie Mouse
* Wear your old bridesmaids dress
* Little girls tea party
* tinkerbell
* girl Rock Star
* Martini Party – 50 yr. old
* Pink Baby Shower
* Ni Hao Kai Lan Birthday
* Tailgate Shower (Couples Shower)
* Halloween Wine Party
* Boy Train Party
* Abby Cadabby
* Girls 1st Cupcake
* Zebra/Teen
* Army
* Book Themed Baby Shower
* GI Joe
* Bridal
* Halloween Costume Party – 25th birthday
* Girls Disco
* Dr. Seuss
* Butterfly Garden Baby Shower
* Olivia, The Pig
* Strawberry Shortcake
* Backwards Party
* Turtle Theme (1 yr.)
* Baseball (5 yr.)
* Birthday for a 1yr. old & 5yr. old born on same day



Mini Feature Time!

I’ve got an array of party inspiration for you today. You only get to see a glimpse of each party here, so please take the time to click on through and view the full party posts!

Check out the cakes for this Dr. Seuss Birthday hosted over at Lasher Life.

A baby shower with a wild side – Zebra Accents – Originally hosted over at Oh Snap!

You won’t want to miss this Carnival Birthday Party which was thrown by Mel over at The Larson Lingo.

Take a trip to Canada with me and head on over to John & Che’s blog for a Canada Day Celebration.

If you wanna see a really cool spiderman party then head on over to Keisha’s flickr photo stream to view all the pics! Her party was styled by Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams. (sorry, I was unable to grab one of the pictures….so you REALLY have to click through on this one…it’s totally worth it!)

Mr. Linky Monday….Inspire Each Other!

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!

* Baby Shower – hot pink/black/teal
* First Birthday – October – At a Beach house
* First Birthday
* Candyland Party
* Project Runway
* Transformers
* Pink Elephant Themed 1st Birthday (maybe even in a tutu!)
* Sleep Over for 8 yr. old girl
* Cupcake Party
* Vintage Cowboy/Western Baby Shower
* Fairy & Dragon Party
* Little Chicks Theme
* First Birthday – Carnival
* Chic Baby Boy Shower
* Halloween Costume Party for Girls 2nd B-Day
* Abby Caddaby – 2yr.
* Halloween
* 50th Anniversary
* Polkadot Pink/Brown Baby Shower
* Dr. Seuss
* Hello Kitty
* Bridal Shower


Mr. Linky Monday – Time to Party Hop!

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!

* Reunion
* Bachelorette Party “clean” fun games
* 40th Birthday – Female
* Octoberfest 30th Birthday
* Baby Shower Ideas:
* Pink/Brown Polkadots
* Polkadots
* Aqua & Hot Pink
* Pink & Black
* Lego Birthday (8 yr. old)
* Taylor Swift 5th Birthday
* Super Hero (boys and girls)
* Trains
* Irish Prince 1st Birthday
* Circus
* Man Party – Beer & all things manly (30th)
* Dinosaurs
* Puppy Party (girls)
* Sweet 16
* Hundred Acre Wood Pooh Party
* 1st Communion
* Dr. Seuss Baby Shower
* Ahoy! It’s A Boy! Pirate Baby Shower
* Cooking Party
* Lobster Dinner
* Wizard of Oz Baby Shower
* Rainbow 1st Birthday
* Mad science
* HELP! Need a unique theme idea for girl’s 1st Birthday
* Alice in Wonderland
* Indiana Jones
* Surfing Pool Party
* Muppets (NOT Sesame Street)
* Football Party
* Rubber Ducky Baby Shower



Baby Shower Idea Bliss

It’s time for some Baby Shower Bliss. I’ve got a few baby shower theme ideas for you to have a gander at. Be sure to click through to the original party post so you can see all the fantabulous shower ideas and details these ladies have to offer.


This Monkey Themed Baby shower was originally hosted by Tiffany over at Creative Outlet.

Check out this hip modern Baby Shower with zebra print to boot! It was originally hosted by Cassie over at Ames Castle.

This adorable Sugar, Spice and everything Nice Baby Shower is super sweet! It was originally hosted by Natasha at Fete Fanatic.

Last but not least…check out this fun Dr. Suess Baby shower. It was originally hosted by Madeline over at Newly Nesting.

HEY…..what are you still doing here? You should be clicking through to see the parties by now! =)

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